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Les Aède Design-Attract




Design Concept Art: Candy-like Flower

Words by Designer

" The deep taste and strong flavour of this flower attract me so much, I forget everything else. "



Design Draft of Attract (iPhone Case Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" Picking the phone on hand doesn't only make me a receiver, but a creator to build the life I truly want.
Here came a set of two iPhone cases as the different views of life, make the new flow more solid."

" To stimulate ideas from my heart, and then fall into the life I lead,
these two iPhone cases have strong color contrast as the main subject of design. "

" The image of artwork had been processed by special effects, made visual illusion of the retro of lighting parts. "




Full Design of Attract (Product Simulation)







Before pick up phone on hand, I will enter the imagination of “what do I want to play now”.
Start from the tiniest detail, everything is in charge by yourself.
“What I want” isn’t an empty fantasy anymore, it’s the purpose to push me moving.

Use phone to draw and make my own life blueprint come true, then the anxiety of follow trending in blind will be gone.
I can see myself falling into the new life created by my own, and become a fast and strong flow,
here is going to be full of hope and expectation about the journey in tomorrow.




Produce Information


Les Aède communicated with fixed manufacturer partners about product design, to get an initial consensus on production.

After making samples, modifying and adjusting numerous times, finally a sample which was totally fitted Les Aède’s require had been made,

it would be the prototype used in formally produced.

Les Aède signed contract with manufacturer partners, to make sure that quality design products can be supplied continuously.



- Product Detail -


Product Title:Attract

Content:iPhone Case x2 in 1 Set ( Blue Flower x1, Pink Flower x1 )

Price:USD$ 66.50

Size:The same as the following iPhone model, the thickness is between 0.07 and 0.1cm

(iPhone model: 4/4s, 5/5s, 6/6s, 6 plus, 7, 7 plus)

Material:Anti-scratch and anti-wear PVC, Glossy surface processing, Thermal transfer

Shipping:EMS USD$25.64 / FedEx USD$77.27 (one product)
(The shipping is counted each order, remote area may charge additional shipping.)

Shipping Way:EMS / FedEx (Optional at checkout)

Shipping Time:30 days after the order being confirmed


.Installation: Put the phone case and phone to be left alignment at first, directly put the phone into the right side of case.

.Maintenance: The glossy material is easily left fingerprints, please use a glass cleaning cloth to wipe the surface in a dry way.

.Avoid: Please avoid the phone case falls from height and contacts with sharp objects. It can extend the product’s life.

.Flat size measurement: allowed +- 0.5cm for error

.All images about product in this page is for reference only, the specification and colors may be slightly different with the real product.




Release Information






Les Aède Design-Attract

Les Aède Design-Attract
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Product Code LESIPC691
Condition New
Weight 0.5000Kg




After ordered

After the order is received, customer can track it in member center,
and receive Les Aède's report emails, to know the latest progress and informations about the product.

The full package that customer receives will include introduction and accessories additionally.





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