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Les Aède Design-Energetic Aqua




Design Concept Art: Energetic Air

Words by Designer

" Leave where I used stay, focus on what I want to do, there is an energetic exciting flow for me! "




Design Draft of Energetic Aqua (Mug & Coaster Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" To rewrite the boring experience of drinking, I came up a new design of mug and coaster. "

" I used the pattern of window, light orange liquid and bubbles in it, like there’s pure energy be fulled of the mug. "

" And the coaster which has strawberry jelly like pattern, is the charge set right for the cup. "




Full Design of Energetic Aqua (Product Simulation)











Drink water will not be boring, it can be expecting for me.
To rewrite the whole experience of drinking water, I came up a new design, a mug and coaster set.

A cup needs a coaster, they makes myself think it's a energy charger station on table for me, not something I have to do in life.

When I pour in juice, grab the mug up and drink,
here is the strong stream of energy goes through my throat, each of my sense will be stimulated, my heart starts to beat.
During being fully charged, I can feel I'm drinking it with an amazing flavor.




Produce Information


Les Aède communicated with fixed manufacturer partners about product design, to get an initial consensus on production.

After making samples, modifying and adjusting numerous times, finally a sample which was totally fitted Les Aède’s require had been made,

it would be the prototype used in formally produced.

Les Aède signed contract with manufacturer partners, to make sure that quality design products can be supplied continuously.



- Product Detail -


Product Title:Energetic Aqua

Content:Mug x1, Coaster x1

Price:USD$ 43.41

Size:[Mug] Height 9.5cm, Diameter 8.0cm, Capacity 325ml

Size:[Coaster] Diameter 11.0cm

Material:[Mug] White porcelain

Material:[Coaster] Ceramic (clay)

Shipping:EMS USD$30.90 / FedEx USD$89.54 (one product)
(The shipping is counted each order, remote area may charge additional shipping.)

Shipping Way:EMS / FedEx (Optional at checkout)

Shipping Time:30 days after the order being confirmed


.Flat size measurement: allowed +- 0.5cm for error

.The mug can be used in microwave, dishwasher, and dish dryer, but it could be damaged in high temperatures.

.The mug can not be put in the oven.

.The heat tolerance of mug: -10℃-110℃

.The coaster can be washed, and can also be used repeatly after dry.

.All images about product in this page is for reference only, the specification and colors may be slightly different with the real product.




Release Information






Les Aède Design-Energetic Aqua

Les Aède Design-Energetic Aqua
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Product Code LESMCS883
Condition New
Weight 1.0000Kg




After ordered

After the order is received, customer can track it in member center,
and receive Les Aède's report emails, to know the latest progress and informations about the product.

The full package that customer receives will include introduction and accessories additionally.





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