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Les Aède Design-Rain Immunity



Design Concept Art: Rain Immunity

Words by Designer

" When I go out, still can focus on myself, and be immune to everything distracts me. "



Design Draft of Rain Immunity (Motorcycle Helmet Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" No matter it's raining or not, I just ride my way. "

" To carry out the spirit, I chose water resistence leather to be the quality helmet surface,
and special water proof glass as the design base. "

" A strong flow starts from forehead, then comes to back, also inspires swirling flows.
Both sides of helmet cover with twirling whirlpools, shows the flow I can always control. "




Full Design of Rain Immunity















Les Aède Design-Rain Immunity

Les Aède Design-Rain Immunity
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Product Code LESLSHA41
Condition New
Weight 1.5000Kg




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