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Les Aède Design-Wind Bell




Design Concept Art: Bells in Wind

Words by Designer

" Through the leaves, sunlight spreads into my eyes, along with the warmth into my heart. "




Design Draft of Wind Bell (Square Cushion Part)

How The Design Come Up ?

" Working for a long time in fixed position at home, body and mind both feel tired,
hold a pad on sofa or bed, the waist and back stay vacant, get more pain and discomfort. "

" To relief myself, I came up a new cushion design,
the solid and soft padding of square cushion can kindly support waist and back,
and it’s portable to be used in everywhere at home. "

" The main design used a watercolor effect, made a feeling without distance. "




Full Design of Wind Bell (Product Simulation)




While working on the bed or sofa, with a cushion which makes fully relax, and attention can be completely focused.

When feel tired, just close eyes,
I can feel the aroma of flowers and grass from the cushion on couch or bed, like exposure to the nature of outdoor situations,
physical and mental fatigue of tired all just faded.

This kind of work life is really worth to put all self into.




Produce Information


Les Aède communicated with fixed manufacturer partners about product design, to get an initial consensus on production.

After making samples, modifying and adjusting numerous times, finally a sample which was totally fitted Les Aède’s require had been made,

it would be the prototype used in formally produced.

Les Aède signed contract with manufacturer partners, to make sure that quality design products can be supplied continuously.



- Product Detail -


Product Title:Wind Bell

Content:Cushion Case x1, Cushion Inner x1

Material:[Cushion Case] Cotton Cloth

Material:[Cushion Inner] Cotton



Shipping:EMS USD$25.64 / FedEx USD$77.27 (one product)
(The shipping is counted each order, remote area may charge additional shipping.)

Shipping Way:EMS / FedEx (Optional at checkout)

Shipping Time:30 days after the order being confirmed


.Flat size measurement: allowed +- 3~5cm for error

.Cushion cloth is washable, hand washing is best, please do not use bleach and dryer.

.After washing, this product should be upside down to get dry, which can effectively extend the lifetime of the neckline.

.Washed shrinkage is a natural phenomenon for pure cotton product. The shrinkage ratio is 5% or less. Some flexible material will be a natural extension of 3%-5%.

.All images about product in this page is for reference only, the specification and colors may be slightly different with the real product.




Release Information






Les Aède Design-Wind Bell

Les Aède Design-Wind Bell
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Product Code LESSFP552
Condition New
Weight 0.5000Kg




After ordered

After the order is received, customer can track it in member center,
and receive Les Aède's report emails, to know the latest progress and informations about the product.

The full package that customer receives will include introduction and accessories additionally.





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